Honky Tonk Haven

The Heartland's Online Roadhouse


A place for cowboys and drifters alike to keep the American spirit alive.

Howdy friends, Welcome to Honky Tonk Haven!

Why don’t you grab a seat up on one of the bar stools and sit for awhile?  While here, you can expect to hear about everything that makes the Honky Tonk world go round. From bar room war stories, to reviews of tear jerking country songs, to the average Joe’s perspective on the state of NASCAR and rodeo today, Honky Tonk Haven is your one stop shop for everything and anything Honky Tonk. While here, we want readers to feel as if they’re shooting the shit with a buddy at a local bar. No political correctness, no topic off limit, just real talk from real people. Too often the Honky Tonk life style is ridiculed by people of high society, seen as just a collection of country folk or blue collar workers getting drunk after another days work. Here, we realize that the American Honky Tonk and Bar is more than that, it’s an escape from life for a few hours, a place for the every man to rest for a spell and drink a cold one. Our mission is to bring a piece of the Honky Tonk life style to the web, and to celebrate all the good bar room talk that goes with it. So kick back, grab a beer, put some Hank Williams on, and enjoy your time here at Honky Tonk Haven.